Volunteer! – Medical Reserve Corps

The Medical Reserve Corps was born out of 9/11 and is a group of dedicated individuals who provide support in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, public health emergency or at our Flu clinics. Everyone is encouraged to participate. You need not be a medical professional. In fact, most MRC volunteers have non-medical backgrounds. The only prerequisite is the desire to help!

Last year in the aftermath of the October snow storm, volunteers worked at the Public Safety Building bringing and serving refreshments and snacks. And at our shelter, which was set up at the Burrell School, folks helped prepare and serve meals, setup cots, shopped, brought games, magazines and assisted and comforted those staying at the shelter. No job is too small, and everyone has a unique skill to contribute.

There are 3 free courses those who wish to be a part of the MRC are required to take. They are MRC 101, which gives an overview of the MRC and what can be expected, ICS-100 and NIMS-700. These courses run 2 hours are held in Foxborough and the surrounding area at no-charge during the year. You can also take ICS-100 and NIMS-700 online. ICS and NIMS provide information on how the Command System works in the event of an emergency. Taught by Col. David Gavigan of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, these classes are both entertaining and informative. Also, in the very near future, you will able to participate in the MRC 101 course online.

You can obtain an application at the Public Safety Building or at the Health Department at Town Hall. Simply return your completed application and CORI form with your MA ID to the Health Department.

You can also sign up online through the MA Responds website by clicking here (Note: We are Region 5.)

For more information including a history of the MRC, please click here: MRC

Call the Board of Health at 543-1207 for more information.

Thank you!