Founders Day!


FoxCCLogo3Founders Day update: Be sure to stop by tomorrow to visit our booth and say hello! We will have preparedness, CERT & MRC information and a Ham set up for all you amateur radio enthusiasts! Learn how Ham radio is an integral part of our Medical Reserve Corps and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) when we are deployed during an emergency situation.

Day 4: Tornado Safety


Day 4: Tornado Safety – The news this week as been full of reports of the devastation left in the wake of the tornadoes that ripped through the south; neighborhoods destroyed, massive flooding and fatalities. While rare, an average of six tornadoes occur in New England every year and we are no strangers to severe thunderstorms. The tornadoes like the one in Massachusetts on June 1st three years ago, again, while rare, are proof that tornadoes can and do happen here. You may remember that there was a tornado warning for Foxboro on that day! Preparation is key so you ‘ll know what to do in the event of tornado warning.
We’ll refer back to our trusty Severe Weather Resource Guide for some great information on tornadoes and tornado safety.

Severe Weather Resource Guide

Day 3: Hurricane Safety

Day 3: Hurricane Safety – Hurricane hazards come in many forms, including storm surge, heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and rip currents. We’ve felt the Mother Nature’s wrath more than once in the from of Hurricanes. Bob, Gloria, Irene and Sandy are just a few of the more recent ones. While we were spared the brunt of Sandy (impacting Foxboro as a Tropical Storm), we will not soon forget the damage caused by here Irene or the devastating effects of Sandy in New Jersey.
Please take a minute to download the Tropical Cyclone Guide prepared by the National Weather Service. Get a kit. Be prepared. Be informed. #readyfoxboro #prepareathon

Tropical Cyclone Guide

Day 2: Thunderstorms

Today we will look at Thunderstorms & T-storm safety. Thunderstorms are the most common weather hazard in this region in spring & summer. Severe storms can contain damaging winds & hail and flooding rains not to mention the numerous lightning strikes produced by these storms. Remember the severe t-storm we had here one Saturday a few years ago? There were flooded yards, streets and parking lots all over town. Here is some great information on Thunderstorms. Also included in this pdf is information on Tornadoes. We’ll highlight these deadly storms later in the week. #readyfoxboro #prepareathon

Severe Weather Handbook

Day 1: NOAA All Hazards Radio

Weather Radio pic
First up as we begin Severe Weather Awareness Week: NOAA All Hazards Radio. You don’t need to be a weather fan to appreciate one of these! NOAA Weather Radios are programed using SAME technology and can be specifically programmed for your area and provides watches, warning and advisories on all weather and hazardous conditions. NWS stations broadcast this information 24 hours a day. Check it out! #readyfoxboro #prepareathon

NOAA All Hazards Radio